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Gmail is the best

I have been using Gmail for over 6 years and have found that other email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), no matter how hard they try, they just can't beat Gmail. The features in Gmail can't match with any of the other free email providers.

Why do I use IE (Internet Explorer) ?

Just to download other browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

NS-2 Installation Issues

Why is the installation of NS-2 (Network Simulator) so troublesome and tedious? Trying to install it in my Ubuntu since past 2 days, but still it is causing some errors.

Avast seems to be better than AVG 2011

I have installed the free Avast Antivirus on my Windows 7 partition, whereas the Windows XP has the new free AVG 2011. I was using AVG (previous versions) till date on all my systems and OSes. But the latest version of the free AVG seems to be somewhat unstable. So removed it from my Windows 7 and installed Avast and since then I am quite happy with it. I am planning to install Avast on my Windows XP too.