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AdSense to display +1 Feature on Ads

As written here on the Adsense blog, the +1 feature of Google will now be available on Adsense ads from October. This makes the ad serving more relevant and thus in sense more appropriate ads for the publishers.

For example, if a user A finds an ad related to mobile phones relevant, then he/she can +1 it. Now, A's friends and contacts sign in to their Google accounts, they’ll be able to see A’s picture at the bottom of the ad saying the ad was +1'd by A. Now this ad will be included in the auction for the pages that are visited by A's friends, as recommendations from friends are always good source of relevancy.

Although A won’t receive any revenue for +1'ing any ad, but it will definitely help AdSense to provide more useful ads to the publishers and in turn to the readers, which will result in higher returns over time

Google also stated that if any publisher would not prefer to allow the user of +1 features on the ads, then theyu can opt out starting today by signing in to their Adsense account.

However, personally I don't feel its a better option to opt out from this.


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