Clean Duplicate Files with Duplicate Cleaner

With regular use of your PC, you may have many files on your computer with their replicas stored somewhere else too. This occupies too much space on your hard drive and eventually everything gets messed up. To clean such duplicate files, Duplicate Cleaner is a good tool to clean up your PC.

Using this software, you find any type of file, audio files, video files, documents, etc. and find their duplicates. It gives you the option to search on the basis of file types or folders. In addition, you can also provide a filtering criteria for searching. The scanning is fast so you need not wait much.

Once you get the results, you can specify what to do with the duplicate files - delete it, move to a folder or send it to the recycle bin. Also the application protects your system from accidentally deleting system files and folders as for e.g. C:\Windows. At present it supports the following languages - English, Español, French, Italian, Chinese, Estonian, Deutsch, Nederlands, Português do Brasil, Russian, Arabic, Dutch and Danish.

All in all a very good product for a clean PC. And the best part is : it is FREE. 

Download Duplicate Cleaner here.