Clean your PC's crap with CCleaner

Regularly using your computer for surfing, playing videos, listening to music, document processing, viewing pdf files, etc. accumulates unnecessary files or temporary files. These can be browsing history, log files, cookies, system cache files or autocomplete form details. All these occupy unnecessary space in your computer. To clean all this crap, CCleaner is an excellent freeware.

Using CCleaner, you can also clean unwanted registry entries left over by uninstalled softwares. Apart from cleaning crap files and registry entries, CCleaner can also uninstall that you have installed in your Windows operating system, manage Start up entries and Restore Points and also a Drive Wiper.

Thus it is an ultimate tool for keeping your system clean and optimized. Download CCleaner. Also available for Mac OS and 64bit versions of Windows. Best Windows 7 registry cleaner.