Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now Before You Get It Officially

Before I guide you through how to enable your timeline in Facebook, you need to know what the Timeline feature is all about.

What is Timeline ?

Timeline is the feature that Facebook just introduced today which shows all your activity on Facebook right from the time you joined it. It's like a walk into your past life, obviously on Facebook.

As suggested by Facebook, my Timeline will be activated online on 30th September 2011. But I was eager to activate it right now. Searched on the Internet and found this article on Techcrunch.com and thus activated my Timeline.

Here's what I did :

  1. Go to Facebook and log in.

  1. You need to enable the Developer mode in Facebook. Don't worry you need not be an actual developer to enable it. All you have to do is to go to this link.

  1. Click on Create a new app link. Give a random name to it and also to the namespace. I gave name as : “technologicalnotes” and the namespace as : “technologicalnotesfb”.

  1. Agree to the Privacy Statement.

  1. Now you will be on your apps main settings screen.

  1. Go to the Open Graph link on the left hand side of the screen and click on “Get Started using open graph” link.

  1. In the box provided after People can “” a “”. Write an action like :
    People can operate a computer. i.e., you need to write the words operate and computer in the two boxes. Operate in the first and computer in the second.

  1. Click Get Started.

  1. Change some of the default settings. For example change the word operate to operated.

  1. Then go on saving and completing all three steps without changing anything.

  2. Finally go back to your Facebook homepage.

  1. You'll see that your Timeline feature has been activated on the top of your screen.

Enjoy. Thanks Techcrunch for the tip.


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