Free Audit of your PC with Belarc Advisor

We regularly keep on installing software on our PCs but then forget to update them. As the number of installed software increases with time, it is very difficult to keep a track of all the updates of these software. And we all know that keeping our softwares up to date is very essential for security purposes. New security loopholes are found everyday and software companies regularly patch them with updates on their respective sites. But to keep track of all these software is just not feasible for a regular PC user.

Belarc Advisor is a tool that does this for you. When installed, it scans your computer and generates a report of all the software installed on your computer, their product keys, the version installed, Mircrosoft's security hot fixes for your operating system to be downloaded and installed and also gives information about your systems physical components like RAM.

This tool doesn't update the softwares for you, but gives a detailed report on what needs to be updated. Thus now you know what updates to download for your computer and make it secure.