Google will shut down 10 products

In a recent blog post on its official Google blog, the search giant announced that it will be shutting down a few products and merging others into existing products as features. Google says that it wants to spare time for the products with "higher impact" i.e., the products used largely by the masses.

The users who are already using the products to be shut down will be directly communicated by Google and will be given enough time to make a transition and take back their data.

The list of various products that Google plans to close are :

  • Avardvark : It is a question and answer search tool.
  • Desktop : Shutting down on September 14th. It's a local search software. Google plans to make much use of the Cloud computing and storage facilities so that data of the users is available anytime, online as well as offline.
  • Fast Flip : A service for browsing news on the web and mobile devices.
  • Google Pack : Allowed users to download a few useful software for day to day use.
Other products include, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Sidewiki, Notebook and Subscribed Links.

Google's Senior Vice President Alan Eustace also said, "We’ve never been afraid to try big, bold things, and that won’t change. We’ll continue to take risks on interesting new technologies with a lot of potential. But by targeting our resources more effectively, we can focus on building world-changing products with a truly beautiful user experience." 

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