Only 3000 SMS'es per month

I use 2 mobile numbers. One is a prepaid cellular phone service from Vodafone and another is a postpaid phone service from Airtel. Yesterday, Airtel messaged me :

As per TRAI Regulation, SMS sending is limited to 3000/billcycle. Due to this SMS pack benefits will be revised w.e.f. 27-Sep-2011 limiting SMS to 3000/billcycle.

I asked the Airtel customer care for this to which they replied that one can send in all only 3000 SMS'es per billcycle, which comes to 100 SMS'es per day. Then I asked, "What if I want to send more messages?" to which they replied that one cannot send more than 3000 messages irrespective of any SMS pack that has been activated on their SIM. Which means even though you have paid Rs. 100 and activated the Unlimited SMS pack, you can't send more than 3000. So it is now not "Unlimited" to "Limited to 3000 only."

Also I received the same message from Vodafone today saying that outgoing SMS usage is limited to 100 SMSes per day and not more than 3000 per month irrespective of the SMS pack you use.

Such things are not to be done in a democratic country like India. TRAI says that by limiting the number of SMS'es, they want to curb the menace of spam messages that we receive on our mobile phones. Well, there are other ways to curb the menace of spam messages. They already have the Do Not Disturb Registry. So if any one is not willing to receive such advertising messages, they have the option to register for the DND service.

This limiting of the number of messages affects the most to the college going students as they can't afford to call each and every friends of theirs. And also I believe that sometimes its better to send a short message rather than make a call and talk unnecessarily, thus increasing the bill amount.

So the coming festive season of Diwali, we all will have to chart out the number of contacts to whom we want to send SMS'es to make sure the total doesn't approach 3000. Because once the 3000 mark is achieved, no messages will be sent for that billcycle or month.


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