Post Updates to Google+ with SMS

Once you have registered your mobile number with Google+ for receiving notifications, now you can also post your updates via SMS.

Note : For Indian users only.

By default, all the SMS'es you send to +91 9222222222 are shown to all of your circles. If you want to post customized updates, follow the below tips :

  • @public : Suffix this with your update and it will be viewed by everyone.
  • @circle_ name : Suffix the circle name with your text to update people with that circle. e.g. "Google+ is great. @college". This will be shared only with your college circle.
  • @extended : When you suffix your message with @extended, Google+ shares this post those people who have you in their circles.
  • @email_address : Sometimes if you want to share a private message to only a single person, then you can use this option. e.g. "What about the party".

If you haven't registered your mobile number with Google+ yet, learn how to do it here.

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