Dalit Ki Beti ya Daulat Ki Beti

Mayawati to inaugurate her dream park in Noida today. She calls herself Dalit ki Beti. Now we need to decide after watching this video that she is Dalit ki Beti ya Daulat ki Beti.
She spends public money in building such useless parks instead of creating more jobs for people.
6 crores to build a statue of Mayawati (she is only 4 feet tall) while you can have an elephant statue for just 70 lakhs. 
So now you know why India is poor. Hard earned public money is being spent in such useless parks. God save India.
 Source : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/maya-to-inaugurate-her-dream-park-in-noida-today/192871-37-64.html


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