How To Save Battery Power On Your Android Phone

Android phones have a tendency to drain your phone's battery power quickly. So here's a simple list of things you need to do to save your battery on your Android phone.

  • Check who consumes your phone's battery the most : Go to Settings -> About phone-> Battery use. This gives you all the details of your phone's battery power consumption, be it WiFi, GPS, display or any other application.
  • Use Battery Saver Apps : Use Juice Defender for saving your battery. Here's the description given on the site : JuiceDefender is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.
  • Reduce Display Brightness : Phone's display is one of the biggest power hog. Reduce it to a level which can be tolerated by your eyes and thus save your battery power to a substantial level. Go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness and reduce the level of brightness. 
  • Use only 2G Networks : Unless you need access to high speed data provided by 3G, prefer using 2G networks as they consume less battery. Go to Settings -> Wireless controls -> Mobile networks -> Use only 2G networks.
  • Use Black Background : White or any other color background consume more battery. Use a black background to reduce the battery consumption. 
  • Reduce Screen Timeout Duration : Go to Settings -> Sound & display -> Screen timeout and reduce to 30 seconds.
  • Other Turnoffs : Turnoff Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when not needed. 
  • Turn off Vibration : Turn off vibration to save power.