Remember Everything With Evernote For Free

Evernote is a free app that can help you to remember everything you want, from birthdays to To-Do lists. What's more you can take notes on numerous devices and then Sync them. All you need to do is to install Evernote on all the devices you use.

With this note taking software, you can take "note" of text, a webpage, a picture, a voice clip or a handwritten ink note. Attachments are also possible. Sorting of notes, tagging, giving comments, searching and exporting notes are other features of this software.

Evernote supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR). So any photo you take with your phone or camera, the text in the photo is now searchable. So you can click photo of your whiteboard when your teacher teaches and the text in it will be searchable! The same can be done for business cards or sign boards.

With the Firefox clipper extension, you can store and tag your favorite web clippings. 

"Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet can be used for any other browser.

Supported Devices and Downloads :

For Computers : 

For Browsers :
For Mobile Devices :
Evernote free service has monthly usage limitation of 60 MB/month. Your usage can be tracked. 

Premium service can be availed at $5 per month or $45 per year. With premium service you can get 1000 MB/month usage.