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Just saw the first episode of the show Satyamev Jayate that is aired on Star Plus as well as Doordarshan on Sundays at 11am. The first episode that was aired today was on the topic of Female Foeticide. I have always hated female foeticide. I hate those people who dislike daughters.

The first interview was of a lady staying in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. She had 6 abortions in 8 years. I considered that female foeticide was not that rampant in Gujarat, but when Aamir and his team researched and showed the map of the states that more such cases of female foeticide, I was shocked to see that in Gujarat it has been increasing, contrary to my belief.

The research shows that every year 3 crore girls are killed even before taking birth.

Before watching the episode, even I thought that killing of girls before birth was done only amongst the illiterates or in the villages. But after watching the episode and seeing the case of a lady doctor (Mitu Khurana), I came to know that all this is present even amongst the educated and well to do families. Her husband himself is an orthopedic surgeon.

I even hate the doctors who carry out the abortions. A footage of a sting operation in Rajasthan that was done 7 years ago by 2 reporters was also shown. It was shocking to see that the cost of a girl's murder is just Rs. 2000. And it was more shocking when the doctor mercilessly said that the dead body can be buried easily.

The show also showed the plight of some young men from a village in Haryana. They are all unmarried as the number of girls in their village is low. What's more shocking is that that due to such skewed ratio of boys to girls, selling of girls has started in some of villages of Rajasthan. Girls are being brought from Karnataka, Orissa, Bihar and other states. This makes the scenario more worst. A girl is being bought multiple times or even shared amongst men. There's no social status of the girl and even the children born thereafter.

Aamir showed also a positive ray of light wherein a Deputy Commissioner Mr. Kishan Kumar had brought up the number of girls by 71 points.

At the end of the show, Aamir himself appealed to people to support his letter to Rajasthan Government to carry out the case of the alleged doctors in a Fast Track court.

Each week the show also selects a different NGO to help address the issue discussed on Satyamev Jayate. The NGO selected this week is Snehalaya. Donations are also accepted. Also for every SMS that you send to the question that Aamir asks at the end of the show, the money of that SMS (Re. 1 minus the tax) will be donated to Snehalaya.

Finally I would like to provide the lyrics of the song "O Ri Chiraiya" that was sung Swanand Kirkire and the music composed by Ram Sampath.

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

Andhiyara hai ghana aur lahu se sana
Kirno ke tinke ambar se chunn ke
Angna mein phir aaja re
Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahaan bhar ke zulm kiye
Humne socha nahi
Tu jo ud jaayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jaayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega angna mera

O Ri Chiraiya, meri Chiraiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re
Tere pankho mein saare sitare jadu
Teri chunar satrangi bunu
Tere kaajal mein main kaali raina bharu
Teri mehandi mein main kacchi dhoop malu
Tere naino sajaa doon naya sapna

O Ri Chiraiya, meri Chiraiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re
O Ri Chiraiya...

Watch the Song :

Watch the full episode :


  1. kirtirajsinh zalaMay 17, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    aamir has done great job by raising such sensitive issues in his show which any celebrities has done so far....hats off to him


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