Identify The Best Time To Tweet

If you are a regular twitter user who wants his chirping to be heard/read by most of his followers or a blogger who wants to publicize his recently written post amongst his twitter followers, then you need to know when is the best time to tweet. Tweroid is the best utility through which you can check the best time to tweet.

Tweroid analyses your tweets and your followers’ tweets and then identifies the best time to tweet. Once you authorize Tweroid to gain access to your Twitter account using your credentials, it will analyze the tweets and give you a detailed report.

Two types of reports are available : Free as well as Paid.

The free report gives the general statistics about the times when your followers are online the most. The analysis is shown using graphs and numbers. The free report analyses only up to 1000 followers.

The premium report shows data for all the days of the week, the time when most of the followers are online and hourly graphs. The detailed report can also be downloaded.


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