Linux Powered Rifle

If you are an open-source enthusiast and love Linux, then you would be surprised to know that your favorite operating system is now powering rifles !!!

TrackingPoint is a manufacturer of Precision Guided Firearms (PGFs) and Intelligent Digital Tracking Scopes for Hunting and Tactical Shooting. TrackingPoint builds customized hunting rifles. And now, they have added a Linux-based computer scope to their rifles. This not only allows accuracy, but the shooters can also record their experience and post it on YouTube.

Price of the rifle starts with $17000. The scope of this rifle displays a video of the scenario instead of a direct visual as in traditional rifles.

How the rifle works ?

For shooting, first we need to mark the target and as soon as you identify it, the built-in laser illuminates it. After that, the scope measures the range of the target, the temperature and humidity and several other parameters. After this, the display shows where the bullet will go.

The weapon doesn't fire until the marked target is centered.

So be ready for an amazing shooting experience and post your experience on YouTube. :-)

Source : Arstechnica


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