Use 15 GB of Space Between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos

Google has now made life easier for those who use Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos. Now you can seamlessly share a total of 15 GB across these Google products.

So now, instead of having 10 GB of storage for Gmail and another 5 GB for Google Drive and Google+ Photos, now we get 15 GB of unified storage for free.

This seems to be a boon for all kinds of users. Some of the users may be heavily using Gmail but hardly used Google+ for Photos, while some users may be heavily using Google+ for storing photos but their Gmail use would be quite limited.

With today's announcement, now you can use this storage of 15 GB across all the Google Products mentioned above.

Google also mentioned that it will be making updates to the Google Drive Storage Page, so it'll be better to understand how we're using the storage space.

And for those users who want still more storage, they can always upgrade with plans starting at $4.99/month for 100 GB and $9.99/month for 200 GB.

Google also mentioned that this change will also be applied to Google Apps users.


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