Competition in Life

The first biological lesson of history in life is competition.
The above quote is from the book "The Lessons of History" by Will and Ariel Durant.

A man has to compete right from his birth. No matter how much we may wish that there should be equality
- in wealth, in health or in any worldly things; but mother nature likes inequality.

She yearns change, she wants everyone to be different, she makes us different and that's the rule of nature.

And hence we have competition. Competition for wealth, love, things, etc.

We should respect nature. We should respect the change. We should respect inequality. We should follow the nature's rules rather than fighting and dissipating our energies.

If we keep faith in nature's way of working and let it work the way it wants, then and only then, we'll be happy.

So we should stay cool and play life as a game which is full of surprises and up and downs.


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