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Fixing "The system is running in low-graphics mode" in Ubuntu

So yesterday, I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop. The update worked perfectly fine and asked me to restart the system. But on restarting, it showed me error saying "The system is running in low-graphics mode" [See Screenshot]

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Researching on the internet, provided a few solutions. However, the one which worked for me was this :

  • Press Ctrl+Atl+F1. This will take you to the terminal.
  • Type df -f
  • If there's less space available on root(/), then you need to remove some of the files from it.
How to free space ?

1) Remove Partial Packages
  • One way is to free space is by using the command : sudo apt-get autoclean . This command removes partial packages from the system thus, in turn making some more space.
2) Delete Unwanted Files
  • Search your probable large directories (the one in which you save your files, like your Downloads, Home, Desktop, etc)
  • Sort the files in these directories using the command : sudo -du * |sort -g
  • Now delete the unnecessarily large files by using the rm command.
Finally restart the system using : shutdown -r now

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  1. I was experiencing a similar problem. To solve the problem I had to boot using a previous version of linux(kernel)

  2. Booting in older version of the kernel is also a correct method. Even I tried the same. But in my case, the main problem was that I'd no extra space required by the OS and so I'd only option to remove the partial packages and some unwanted files.

  3. Fuck no, its not the only cause... if you are going to write a blog about it, better do thorough research

  4. I didn't said that it is the ONLY cause. I've just blogged about whatever that has worked for me. Anyways, thanks for the comment. Other readers can try different solutions also. :-) Keep commenting.

  5. Hey guys im a new user but i succeed to manage this problem... Let me know if it's good for you also :D

    -Go to Recovery mode

    -Enable network (so you have internet connection)

    -Go to Root option (Recovery mode)

    -When you are in terminal delete lightdm type without brackets {sudo apt-get remove --purge lightdm}

    -Then type without brackets {sudo apt-get install lightdm} (wait to install it)

    -Then type without brackets {sudo service lighdm start}

    -When it's finished type exit (you will get back to Recovery console)

    -Then go on third option dpkg (Repair broken packages)(confirm with Y)

    -When it's finished with installing packages type without brackets {sudo reboot}

    -After reboot you will have back your Ubuntu! :D

    I solve this problem after 1 day... Im a new user :D
    Almost forgot i have Ati Radeon HD6770 graphic card, if you have Nvidia try it... Hope this was helpful!

  6. Thanks Boris for your detailed method. I hope your strategy helps others in solving the problem.

  7. It worked thanks Boris

  8. Great! I solved this problem.
    Thanks you very much!

  9. Thanks.. It is worked..

  10. Thanks both of you (Boris and Yashpal Jadeja) it's working good...


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