August 22, 2013

Best Android Keyboard SwiftKey is now on Cloud. Get 50% Discount.

SwiftKey is an Android Keyboard that allows you to personalize your typing and frequently used words and then automatically suggest you words based on your personal language profile that it has created. One of the best Android keyboards that I have used till date, SwiftKey has been updated to version 4.2. Now it supports the all new SwiftKey Cloud Service. With this service, you can create your online cloud based hub for saving all your personal language profile.

With SwiftKey's Cloud Service, you can sync across your devices. Until now, you can personalize your language profile from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. But once you change your device, there was no way you can restore it. All the personalized data is lost.

This new version of Cloud Service, you can backup your data and can restore it on any new device.

Other than Backup and Sync, SwiftKey has added other features like :
  •  Trending Phrases : With the help of Twitter, SwiftKey analyzes the micro blogging site to check the trending phrases of the day in your language and helps you to type about the agenda of that day.
  • More Personalization : Other than Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds, it now also supports Yahoo for more personalization. Thus less typing while composing your emails or Facebook Status or Twitter Tweets.
  • Better Contacts Searching : SwiftKey learns your contacts as you type their names in the name fields and thus allows you to type less while searching contacts.
For all updates, check this link.

There's a 50% discount for a limited period of time. Download from Google Play.

I have been using SwiftKey Keyboard for quite some time now and I personally recommend it. It drastically reduces your typing. Also SwiftKey Flow allows us to type by sliding fingers across the keyboard.

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