Organ Donation Day - Now I am an Organ Donor.

Today it's Organ Donation Day. And I have signed up as an organ donor on the TimesOfIndia website. I always wanted to donate my eyes and donate my body [See Wishlist] for medical research. But then, somehow I came across this Organ Donation Campaign by Times of India and signed up for it.

I'll be donating my corneas (eyes), kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and pancreas. I've always encouraged organ donation. In fact, I am thankful to my parents for encouraging eye donation and due to it, my grandparents have donated their eyes. Even my parents have pledged for eye donation. And now I have also signed up as an organ donor.

Please sign up and help some one. Pledge yourself and donate your organs. It's better to donate rather than be wasted by being burnt or buried.


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