Priyajan - Vinesh Antani

Have you ever fallen in love ? Have you ever been surrounded by grief due to love ? Have you ever felt that even after receiving everything thing in life, even after living a comfortable and satisfied life, at some moment, you feel that you're all alone and gloomy amongst all the happiness and loved ones? Do know gujarati language ? Then you should read Priyajan by Vinesh Antani.

A novel that describes how heart is being grieved by love, how the life's first love remains engraved in our heart and what it takes to forget it and move on in life. A novel about love, about missing someone, about happiness and sadness, about various emotions and confusions, about relations and most importantly, about that something that pinches you deep inside after even after having lived life to the fullest and takes you to some another phase of your life that you've lived.

There's no returning back to that phase of life, everything has changed and you have reached to a point where there's no turning back. All you can do is to reminisce your past days.

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