Rise and Fall of SMS

Once there was a time when most of the youngsters preferred SMSing rather than calling or in extreme cases - just giving a missed call.

Call rates are quite low, but still we prefer messaging as it's short, to the point, less disturbing and cuts the crap like "Hi, how are you?", "I am fine", "What's up?", etc.

And now apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Hike, etc. have replaced the traditional SMS'es. The reason - cheaper GPRS/3G services and the ability to send texts, audio clips and videos.

Another factor that plays an important role in the embracing of such apps is the penetration of smartphone amongst the masses.

A smartphone running Android can cost you as low as Rs. 5000 or even less. And these smartphones require a working data plan/Internet connection for most of its services/apps.

So it's better to activate a data plan rather than spending on the SMS plans.

And in case of any emergency, one can always send an SMS costing anywhere between Rs. 0.50 to Rs. 1.


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