GJ16 -> GH2 -> GJ18 -> (Shuttling between GJ16 -> GJ6)

So finally I joined the new institute on 25th March, 2015. New institute, new faces, new tasks, new rules.

As the post title says, I moved from Bharuch (GJ16) to Mahesana (GJ2) to Gandhinagar (GJ18) and now I am shuttling between Bharuch to Vadodara (GJ6). Will be shifting to GJ6 as commuting on daily basis from Bharuch to Vadodara is not my cup of tea.

While I am settling down at this institute, the memories of Gandhinagar still occupy my mind. Also, my mind constantly compares the two institutes.

On another note, I should start reading and writing on a regular basis which has been neglected due to something or the other for past few months.


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