10 Blog Posts I Would Like To Write

Here's a list of 10 blog posts that I would like to write:

  1. About James Altucher and his 10 Ideas a Day Practice. (After all, this blog post itself is generated from his 10 Ideas thing)
  2. People whom I admire and from whom I've learned. 
  3. Why I've started to hate my cellphone and the social network apps.
  4. Changes I would like to bring in my life.
  5. About my fears.
  6. 10 books I've loved till date.
  7. Books I would like to write.
  8. Different career aspirations I'd since my childhood.
  9. My affinity towards Pens and list of Pens I've used.
  10. Why I dislike weight-lifting and why I like Yog and Pranayam. 


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