10 Things To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

I'd been for a doctor's consultation in Ahmedabad today. While I was going to Ahmedabad, it wasn't raining. While returning back to Gandhinagar, it started raining.

It was pitch dark and the visibility was less due to the heavy downpour. And then a bad idea came to my mind. What if my vehicle breaks down at this moment ?

So I got my topic for 10 ideas.

Here are 10 things to do when your vehicle breaks down:

  1. Enjoy the rain and forget about going home.
  2. Park your vehicle at some safe place and ask for a lift/free ride.
  3. Call a taxi.
  4. Call a friend.
  5. Walk up to your home.
  6. Stay at the same place the whole night and observe the nature and the surroundings. A bad idea but it would definitely be an adventure. ;-)
  7. Try to repair the vehicle. 
  8. Call a mechanic.
  9. Stop a truck and carry it to your place.
  10. Leave your vehicle and buy a new one. Very bad idea ;-)


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