Rekindling Reading Habit

Off lately, I've rekindled my habit of reading. A habit that I love to pursue and yet couldn't pursue since long due to personal commitments and mostly because of my laziness and mindless social-media browsing - a thing that makes most of us dumb. 

I read two books (considering listening audio books as read):
  1. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
  2. Scion of Ishvaku by Amish Tripathi
I loved reading both the books.

Siddhartha is a sort of philosophical and spiritual novel based on the life of Siddhartha - a person during the time of Gautham Buddha. A book that provides us with lot of spiritual wisdom.

Scion of Ishvaku is the first book of Ram Chandra series and I'm currently reading its second part i.e. Sita: Warrior of Mithila. Both the books are fantasy novels based on the lives of Lord Shri Ram and Sita mata - the two protagonists of Ramayan. 

My experience with listening to audio books - especially novels is not that great. I prefer reading rather than listening. I did experiment earlier with audio books when I listened to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell which was good. But with novels, I somehow prefer reading rather than listening.  

Also, I've subscribed to the Government library here in Gandhinagar from where I borrowed Scion of Ishvaku. Unfortunately, the Sita: Warrior of Mithila was not available. So I borrowed Eistein - His life and Universe by Walter Isaacson. 

I wish I would continue with my reading habit henceforth.