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Updates - 14

These days Gujarati writer Dhruv Bhatt is my favorite. After reading is book ' Akoopar'  sometime ago, I read his book ' Na Iti'. Was moved by his simple writing and amazing, yet worth pondering thoughts. Currently reading Ben Carson's 'Gifted Hands'. America's celebrated surgeon. There is a movie also with the same name.  It's been almost 4 months of this COVID-19 induced lockdown. We have been majorly indoors during this period, except for me going to office or for buying some household necessities. However, eventually I feel it is good for health as we have stopped eating outside food and also economical in the sense that there's no unnecessary going out. But it has other drawbacks like less exercise to the body and thus in turn, weight gain. We have been using terrace as a place to unwind and exercise. Also, Rivanshi can play there. She's accustomed to play on the terrace instead of park. But yesterday, just for a change, I took her out f

Updates - 13

After reading Krishnayan, read Rahul Pandita's 'Our Moon Has Blood Clots'. Amazing read and was moved by reading the plight of Kashmiri Pandit's. A few months back I'd also read a similar book by Bashrat Peer 'Curfewed Nights', which was from the viewpoint of a Kashmiri Muslim. Now will start reading Dhruv Bhatt's 'Na Iti'. Coronavirus is now in nearby houses as well. Also, in office 2-3 persons are affected. Luckily, I didn't had much interaction with them.

Updates - 12

This pandemic is now increasing its reach and bounds. Until lockdown, the numbers were very few here in Bangalore as compared to other cities. But, since unlock 1, the numbers are increasing and the picture is getting scary.  The atmosphere is cool. Thanks to rain. Still reading Krishnayan. Wish to complete by this weekend.  Have ordered Dhruv Bhatt's ' Na iti' after reading his ' Akoopar' sometime back. Initially I was apprehensive about Rivanshi staying whole day at home and that too for so many days. But my apprehensions were turned into surprise. Now it seems she's comfortable staying home and keeps herself busy. Thanks to Kiran as well for keeping her busy. We were thinking of sending her to play school this year, but now we have dropped the idea. As such, schools are yet to be opened - at least for more 1-2 months. Have started learning new technical stuff and most importantly revising the old stuff. And yes, have not been exercising since many

Updates - 11

As per last update , completed reading Raavan by Amish and enjoyed it. At the same time, was amazed to know that how even a cruel and shrewd person like Raavan had feelings for a lady whom he loved throughout his life. Also, his love for books (knowledge) and music was impeccable. I even liked the innocence and straightforwardness of Kumbhkarna and his love for dharma. However, there were times when he could not follow the path of righteousness due to coercion by his elder brother Raavan. Although many of the things might be fictional in the book, it was a good read. Would love to read the fourth book of the Ram Chandra series once it is released. People here in Bangalore are more possessive about their pets (dogs in general). As if they are like their kids. Just a few days ago, when we were having a stroll, Rivanshi stopped to say "hi" to a doggy (as she calls them) . And the lady told the dog's name proudly, as if it was her kid. And we didn't ask the dogs name