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Spyware Removal Software Solutions

Computer security products will always be in demand. No matter how hard you try to keep your PC away from the prying eyes of data thieves, at some time or the other, your PC is bound to get infected. Other than computer viruses that play havoc with your computer, spywares are computer parasites that steal your data. Spywares are used to collect personal information of the user.
The Internet unfortunately brings with it a lot of computer parasites. The best way to keep away from sypwares is to use an efficient Antispyware along with the regular antivirus software. Hereby I am listing a few free antispyware softwares that I have used. Most of these are effective in removing spywares.

Sypbot Search & Destroy :

One of my personal favorite and also one of the best spyware removal software used world over. It is one of the oldest spyware removal tool in the computer security field. It has plenty of things to offer for free. Also the author Patrick M. Kolla has dedicated it to the "most wonderful girl on earth". He doesn't like to pay for software and earn money, but instead asks for two things : A prayer for him and the most wonderful girl to God and wish them some luck.

Spybot S & D searches Windows registry, running processes, web browser cookies and local files and folders. The best part is that it scans really fast compared to other spyware removal software solutions. Regular definitions are updated about the latest spywares, adwares, keyloggers and trojans. Customization is easy. You can ignore certain objects, modify your scans and also schedule scans.

It also has a secure file shredder, immunization for your browsers and other tools to modify system startup entries.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is a light-weight application so that it puts less burden on your system resources. The database is updated regularly. However the drawback here is that the free version does not provide live protection. As a result real time scanning is not done in the free version. But still a good product.


Although not very popular, its a very good program for spyware removal. The free version does not provide real time protection as in Malwarebytes. It thoroughly checks the system and removes the spywares. It has 3 modes for scanning : Quick Scan, Complete Scan and Custom Scan. Quick scan is the fastest and one of the most effective.

Other programs to consider are Spyware Doctor by PCTools and Ad-Aware by Lavasoft. The above programs are for casual users, but those who want to tinker around and remove spywares by identifying them, they can use HijackThis. It is for advanced users. HijackThis is not a software to detect and remove spyware. Instead it just scans your system and generates a complete log file. The log file contains all the entries of legitimate software as well as malicious software. Advanced users can look over the log file and determine what needs to be removed. You can also submit your log file to forums like BleepingComputer for a detailed analysis on what needs to be removed.

Which Anti spyware software do you use ? Comment please...

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