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Perfect Example of Expectation v/s Reality

This video is a perfect example of a guy's expectations v/s reality. The video is a story of 2 school friends, a boy and a girl. While scanning his slam book, the boy visits the page of his school time crush and then finds her on Facebook. As usual, the guy sends her a request and then.... visit the video :-)

Why I Admire Narendra Modi ?

Atanu Dey has written a nice article on why  Narendra Modi Scares Some People . Also his another article  Modi will rescue India from its enemies  is also a worth read. I admire Narendra Modi for his zero tolerance against non sense stuff that other politicians indulge in. He is not in politics for money and hence does not tolerate corruption. In his blog post, Atanu talks about his conversation with an executive of a multinational firm. They wanted to set up their manufacturing operations in Karnataka but were faced with too many hurdles and it took them months. Even after they got approval for acquiring of land, the government was still troubling them in setting up their shop. So finally they decided to quit and check out Gujarat. Once the CEO met Gujarat's Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Atanu writes, " Within four days – not months – they had acquired the clearances; within a couple of months, they had acquired the land; and even before their facilities were completed,

Dalit Ki Beti ya Daulat Ki Beti

Mayawati to inaugurate her dream park in Noida today. She calls herself Dalit ki Beti. Now we need to decide after watching this video that she is Dalit ki Beti ya Daulat ki Beti. She spends public money in building such useless parks instead of creating more jobs for people. 6 crores to build a statue of Mayawati (she is only 4 feet tall) while you can have an elephant statue for just 70 lakhs.  So now you know why India is poor. Hard earned public money is being spent in such useless parks. God save India.  Source :

What makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great?

I have been using Ubuntu for more than 2 years from now and I am always satisfied by it. I love using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and Ubuntu is one of the best operating systems that I have used. Ubuntu releases its new versions every 6 months. Its latest version, Ubuntu 11.10 code named as Oneiric Ocelot released today has many new features. See the video below "What makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great ?" If you are already using Ubuntu, then you can update your Ubuntu to the latest version released today by going to the Update Manager. Why I Use Ubuntu ? The first thing is that you don't have to pay a single penny to use Ubuntu. It's totally free to use. No need to worry about viruses. Everything that goes into its making is shared i.e., sharing of code. So efforts are shared worldwide, thus making it more dynamic. It is regularly updated. And provides lots of support through communities and forums.

The Life of Steve Jobs - Infographic

Although he just lived for 56 years, Steve Jobs really made a ding in the world of technology. The below Infographic from Infographic World shows the Genius' life and times. Created by: Infographic World

Check If You Are Overweight With Wolfram Alpha

Check your Body Mass Index and determine whether you are overweight with Wolfram Alpha . Provide your Gender, Height, Body weight and type Body Mass Index in the search box and Wolfram Alpha will give your BMI (Body Mass Index). Look at the example below :

Learn Presentation Skills From Steve Jobs

There are many things to learn from the life of Steve Jobs (who passed away on last Wednesday). But one thing that everyone likes (even his enemies) is his presentation skills. Take a look at the video below and learn how to give effective presentations.