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5 alternatives to the almighty iPhone 4S

Hindustan Times has a nice article on 5 alternatives to the almighty iPhone 4S . The iPhoneS 4S is available for Rs. 44,500 for the 16GB version and the 64GB version costs for Rs. 57,500. But personally I prefer that instead going for such costly Apple phones, its better to have the other alternatives which are quite cheaper and perform the same functionality as that of iPhone 4S. The 5 alternatives to iPhone 4S are : Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy Nexus HTC Sensation XE Motorola RAZR Nokia Lumia 800

Free Location Based App by MapMyIndia for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

MapmyIndia  has launched a new app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry users. The app, ShowNearby , you can search all places of interest near you. So if you want to search for restaurants, ATMs, petrol pumps, retailers, coffee shops or hospitals you can just power on the app and search for the services. The application is powered by India's most accurate and detailed digital map data from MapmyIndia. How the App works ?  ShowNearby app identifies the user's GPS location and displays the information on the basis of the distance from the location of the user. It also shows the address and phone number of the place the user wish to visit. The user can save the data in their phone and even share with friends via email or SMS. Free : MapmyIndia provides this app for free to the users of Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It will also be available to Windows Phone 7 OS soon. BlackBerry users can download through the BlackBerry App World . Android users can

How To Save Battery Power On Your Android Phone

Android phones have a tendency to drain your phone's battery power quickly. So here's a simple list of things you need to do to save your battery on your Android phone. Check who consumes your phone's battery the most : Go to  Settings -> About phone-> Battery use. This gives you all the details of your phone's battery power consumption, be it WiFi, GPS, display or any other application. Use Battery Saver Apps : Use Juice Defender  for saving your battery. Here's the description given on the site :  JuiceDefender is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. Reduce Display Brightness : Phone's display is one of the biggest power hog. Reduce it to a level which can be tolerated by your eyes and thus save your battery power to a substa

Visit Google Homepage on your Birthday

All birthday boys and girls, please visit Google's Homepage on your birthday and check out the Google Doodle for you. Google will wish you Happy Birthday in its own way with a special logo. What Google does is that it picks your birth date from your Google Profile and displays the logo accordingly. But ya, first don't forget to log in with your Google Account before visiting Google Homepage on your birthday. So is it your birthday today ? Visit Thank you Amit Agarwal of for this.