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You can eat full meal in as low as Re. 1 and as high as Rs. 12. Oh really! C'mon Mr. Politician

So Raj Babbar said one can have a 'full meal' in Rs. 12, Rasheed Masood quoted Rs. 5 and Farooz Abdullah quoted as low as Re. 1 for a 'full meal' in a country where even a cutting chai costs around Rs. 5. I don't understand in which era these politicians are living. These leaders should know what they are speaking before passing such kind of absurd statements.

Petrol Prices Hiked Again. Well, Does It Matter ?

Petrol prices hiked again. Well, does it matter? We need not worry at all with the increase in prices. Because we always fill our tanks with the amount available in Rs. 100. :-) As a kid, my dad used to fill the tank with petrol of Rs. 100 and later when I grew up, I did the same. Where's the price increase ? ;-)

You Wait For Rain. It Doesn't Rain. You Plan To Go Out. It Rains.

It has been observed that rain do spoil your sport or rather your plans. And it did spoil my plan today to go to Bharuch. It started raining heavily here in Gandhinagar just when I reached home from college. I had planned to go to Bharuch today as tomorrow is non working Saturday and next day is Sunday. Anyways, as the Russian-American novelist, Vladimir Nakobov said - Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards. But why I shouldn't get angry with the rain? It didn't rain much for the past 2 days here and now when I need to go, it started raining. I enjoy rains. In fact, its my favorite season. But then, sometimes it spoils your plans. And you are helpless. I would also like to quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the American poet and educator : The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.

Without Newspapers

I like reading newspapers, my favorite being The Times of India in English and Gujarat Samachar and Divyabhaskar in Gujarati. However, after leaving home for M.Tech and then in job here in Gandhinagar, the habit of reading newspapers early in the morning has been discontinued as until yesterday we were not subscribing to newspapers. I continued reading newspapers' epaper on the respective sites but the joy of reading a newspaper early in the morning along with tea is incomparable to that of epaper. So day before yesterday, we decided to subscribe to Divyabhaskar and The Times of India. And today morning, I was waiting for them but the paperwala didn't drop today. But the neighbours got their respective newspapers and they were leisurely reading sitting in their armchairs and definitely I was feeling jealous. It reminded me of the days when I would regularly read the newspaper at home. The point for the post today is that I grew restless today while waiting for the newspaper. I

The Butterfly Generation - A Review

Just finished reading "The Butterfly Generation" by Palash Krishna Mehrotra. The book has been divided into three sections - One-on-One, Wide Angle and Here We Are Now, Entertain Us. The first section deals with short stories of 8 people in his life. Out of the three section, I liked it the most. There's his one photographer who's been hit hard by recession and now is in debt. He'd made a good amount of money in his good days and now he's waiting for his old days to come back. Then there's the story of how scriptwriters in Bombay write their scripts for the Bollywood. Also the writer has portrayed the lifestyle of drug-addicted call center guys; another story is of his girlfriends. The writer has effectively provided a view of all those small town guys coming to big cities like Delhi and Mumbai and feel liberated from the shackles of their parents and their conservative thoughts. The second section, Wide Angle talks about the issues mentioned in the first