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Dewang Mehta IT Awards 2013

2 days back I attended the ceremonious Dewang Mehta IT Awards 2013 at the Gujarat Convention Centre, Ahmedabad. The awards are given to the students of Gujarat's Engineering Colleges for their innovation in carrying out their final year projects and to the toppers of all the colleges affiliated to GTU (Gujarat Technological University), Ahmedabad.

The awards are given by the Dewang Mehta Memorial Trust in association with Gujarat Informatics Limited (GIL), National Association of Software Services and Companies (NASSCOM) and Gujarat Technological University.

The award for the final year projects consists of 1 lac each to the team. In all 3 teams are finally selected. The projects are being evaluated based on originality, innovation, sustainability, implementation of the project as well as its scalability and most importantly the its social impact. Due importance is also given to presentation and communication skills.

The students have to face a jury panel who evaluate their projects and the projects are shortlisted. And out of the shortlisted candidates, only 3 teams get the award of 1 lac each.

This year I found many projects that were innovative as well as had a social impact. Like the one that catered to the ambulance services of Gujarat. The project team build an app that could cater the need of digitization of all the medical records that the ambulance attendant fills up during an emergency. The doctors at the government hospitals then read the details and provide a treatment accordingly. In some cases, the wards for emergency cases are not empty so the treatment gets delayed. The app developed by the student sends the information about the critical patient to the hospitals so that the availability of the doctors as well as the emergency wards can be known beforehand.

The thing I'd like to appreciate is that such types of awards generates excitement and competition amongst the students of IT/CE/CSE in Gujarat. And what's more, we can get good applications that can be used by the people in their day to day life rather than building softwares/applications just for the sake of it.

Another thing that I liked that the awards function was not just like another boring function where people sit idle and wait for it to finish. The function had enough knowledgeable speakers who could motivate the youth. This years' key note speaker was Mr. Ashok Soota of Happiest Minds.

And last but not the least, to felicitate the toppers of all the colleges of Gujarat is a daunting task. They gave awards in such a pompous manner that even the students and their parents could feel as if they are receiving Oscars. Each award received was displayed on a large screen with photo shoots and blaring music. It makes a difference to the mindsets of the young students. And their parents will definitely feel good for it. Such ceremonious award giving function makes an impact. It's not about receiving the award, it's about the way in which they get.

I would also like to appreciate my students who were felicitated namely Viral, Vidhi, Jenish, Helly, Jainit and many more. Thanks to Vismay and Amoli for attending and cheering up their college and their friends. Once again, I take this opportunity to congratulate my students and all other students who received the awards.


  1. Many Many Congratulations to all the students...


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