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IPhone 5s

Finally I've changed my phone. Got a new iPhone - iPhone 5s. I am still trying to figure out the various options, menus and its applications. This is not going to be review of a year old phone. But I'd like to write some pros and cons here that I have observed since buying it. (Bought it on 26th December, 2014 from Capital Mobile, Gandhinagar) Pros: Awesome display and touch. Compactness. Excellent camera. Security (Fingerprint scanner). Better App Ecosystem as compared to Android. Rendering of Hindi and Gujarati fonts.  Cons: No back button. Hate pressing the Home button every now and then. Bluetooth sharing. Requires iTunes for transferring music.

Food Poisoning

Had been suffering from food poisoning since the day before yesterday. It all started after I had wake up that morning. Started with bouts of vomiting, followed by shivering and then severe fever. Had to return home before college ends. Can't recognize what played havoc with my stomach and intestine. Took rest yesterday. And today, still I have some trouble after eating food. I am lucky to have Kiran as my wife. She cares for me a lot. Thanks to her that I can recover fast. She reminds me of mummy who also used to take care in such a manner.

Updates - 4

Visited Sabarmati River Front with Kiran, Samina and Vipul. Had a ride in speed boat with Kiran. Met Prachi and Tushar at Alpha One Mall and watched PK at Cinepolis, Alpha One Mall. Meanwhile after movie we met Mitali and then left for the Alumni Meet. Alumni Meet Post.

Alumni Meet of UVPCE - Ganpat University

Alumni Meets always allows us to reconnect with our pals of the good old days. Not just pals, but our crushes, our not so loving classmates and last but not the least - our Professors.  It has not being a long time that I've graduated ( post graduated ) from U V Patel College of Engineering, Ganpat University. However, still the atmosphere was filled with memories of the past. The air was charged with camaraderie at The Green Pearl restaurant in Ahmedabad yesterday evening. Although just a few classmates of the first batch of M.Tech (Computer Engineering & IT) at UVPCE were present over the event, it was full of past memories like bunking the lectures, eating pav-bhaaji at the canteen or running for submissions. Even before the lamp lighting ceremony, each one of us was busy in introducing our spouses and children to each other and to our professors. Post lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries we had dinner and were glad to meet most of our professors. However, I missed the

Updates -3

Yesterday was an awesome day with my friends of M.Tech. We all had been to Ahmedabad for an exam. The exam was conducted by GPSC for the post of IT Lecturer in Gujarat's Government Engineering/Polytechnic Colleges. After a long time I met RSA (Ravi, Shrikant and Adesh) and Vimal. Tushar, Vipul, Kiran and Anandbhai were also present. After the exam we all had pre-decided to meet at Ashram Road, Near City Gold Cinema. Also we had planned for a movie (Exodus) after having lunch at a restaurant. As we had enough time left for the movie, we went to Sabarmati River Front after the lunch and as usual, we clicked many pictures. I, Tushar, Ravi and Shrikant had a ride on a speed boat. It was thrilling. After the movie, we all bid good-bye to each other. And ya, chilly winters are here.

Updates - 2

Recently I and Kiran have started playing the game Candy Crush Saga. Amazing game.  My phone is behaving weird after it fell in the bucket filled with water. The ear piece is not working most of the times and hence I need to talk with the speaker on. Just a day before, I completed reading Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend. Started reading Megaliving by Robin Sharma.

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

Watched this awesome video on Youtube.

Online Courses

I love the idea of sharing knowledge. Off lately, I have seen much action in the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) . With the proliferation of the Internet amongst the masses, this knowledge sharing helps many students to get access to one of the finest courses and teachers from best universities in the world. Be it Harvard, Michigan, Stanford or our very own IITs - all these universities have started sharing their courses in an online format over the Internet. The best thing about these online courses is that the student gets an open forum to discuss the things that they have learned in the courses. Also with the use of various tools, students can submit their assignments online and the teacher can grade the students. Some of the websites that provide great learning resources are : Udacity   Edx   Coursera   CourseKart One of the best things about these sites is that you can also avail a certificate from some of the top-most universities of the world. For a more detailed list of cou

Beware of Copycats

A little while ago I was searching myself and my blog posts on Google. Yes. I do that regularly. It's also called as Egosurfing. I search myself for any duplicate profiles. I search for my content on Google to make sure no one is copying my stuff. Mostly I search for my creative content - the poems I write in Gujarati (or a few in Hindi) . And I found that many of my poems were copied on various groups on Facebook and other Gujarati websites. I think as a creative content writer ( Ya, creative content writer - calling myself a poet is somewhat exaggerated) I should take this thing positively. People like my content and that gives me satisfaction. But on the other hand, copying bluntly from someone's website without giving credits is somewhat not acceptable. So, I would like to urge all those creative content writers (poets, novelists, bloggers, etc.) to Google their content at regular intervals and if found copied, there are various ways to deal with it. Some great blog posts

Need to restart blogging

Off lately, I have been neglecting my blogs completely. It's not that I was too busy, but somehow laziness creeps in writing for the blog. I think, I should restart it all over again and somehow try to maintain the discipline of updating the blog regularly. On the other note, I am a married guy now. The relationship status changed from Single to Married on 2nd February 2014.