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Beware of Copycats

A little while ago I was searching myself and my blog posts on Google. Yes. I do that regularly. It's also called as Egosurfing. I search myself for any duplicate profiles. I search for my content on Google to make sure no one is copying my stuff. Mostly I search for my creative content - the poems I write in Gujarati (or a few in Hindi) . And I found that many of my poems were copied on various groups on Facebook and other Gujarati websites. I think as a creative content writer ( Ya, creative content writer - calling myself a poet is somewhat exaggerated) I should take this thing positively. People like my content and that gives me satisfaction. But on the other hand, copying bluntly from someone's website without giving credits is somewhat not acceptable. So, I would like to urge all those creative content writers (poets, novelists, bloggers, etc.) to Google their content at regular intervals and if found copied, there are various ways to deal with it. Some great blog posts