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Important Events of 2015

1.    The year started by shifting home in Gandhingar as my landlord needed to shift downstairs and renovate the upper floor. 2.    After visiting many houses finally settled down in a pretty good house just a few meters away from where we were staying. 3.    Loved the new house and the neighborhood. It was a pleasant stay. 4.    However, we could not enjoy much over there as I decided to change college and shifted to a college in Vadodara. 5.    Students gave a grand farewell. 6.    Left Gandhinagar on 23rd March, 2015. 7.    Stayed in Vadodara college for about 3 months. Shuttled between Vadodara and Bharuch after staying for some time in Vadodara initially. 8.    Change college again and came back to my Alma-mater in Bharuch. 9.    Visited my Kutch and enjoyed a lot. 10.   Abhijit became Dad on 23 December, 2015. As the year passes by and we move onto a new year, we need to reflect on the things that we did wrong. But this exercise seems to be meaningless unless and until we find a

The Kalam Effect

Had been to Abhijit's residence at Birla Complex, near Kharach (Kosamba). Nice township with many amenities. Visited the Sports Complex, called as the Narmada Club and then to the Central Library situated inside the Club. While browsing through the books, came across this book "The Kalam Effect" written by P.M.Nair, who was the secretary of former president, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Issued it and started reading it. I have always admired Kalam Sir. Read his autobiography "The Wings of Fire" many times and still love to read more about him. The book is an insight into the life a scientist as well as People's President.  It starts with how Mr. Nair was confused and his initial apprehensions on being selected by Dr. Kalam as his secretary. Mr. Nair would have thanked his stars after the initial dilemma. The language of the book is quite lucid as that of Dr. Kalam's other books. The color photographs in the books are a treat to watch the former pre

Surprise gift from Shyam

Thank you Shyam Kotecha for this awesome surprise gift.   P.S. I first met Shyam during our interview at Babaria Institute of Technology, BITS Edu Campus, Vernama(Vadodara). And then we met after I joined the institute. I found him similar to me when I joined my first job, inexperienced and somewhat lonely. However, our frequencies matched and we had great time together. I still remember how my friend Lalit Pandya helped me during my first job at SVMIT. In the same way I tried to help him and guide him with whatever little experience I had of this job. A great friend, a trustworthy individual and most importantly a true person. Good luck to you my friend.

Back to GJ16

Again moved back to GJ16 and joined SVMIT, my alma mater. Feeling familiar and comfortable as compared to the previous institute as I had studied here as well worked for a few time before joining M.Tech. And the best part of joining here is, I am relieved from the to and fro journey to Vadodara.

Great Coincidence

This was my last Tiffin at Plot No. 1059, Sector 2D, Gandhinagar. Had it with Mahesh Gajera. Then I (actually We - Me and Kiran) shifted to L N Desai's house at Plot No. 1672/1, Sector 2D. Coincidentally, today I am again at Mahesh's place.  Thanks to Facebook for reliving those memories.

Disconnect to Connect

For the past couple of days I have been reading on Productivity Tips. Have been scouring various blogs on the same. One thing that has caught my fancy is Digital Detox. To stay away from all kinds of Electronic Connecting Devices, especially Smart Phone. I am constantly connected to the Internet via my iPhone. Even while working on stuff that doesn't require me to be connected to the Internet, I keep my WiFi on. And this in turn compels me to check my email or browse unnecessary stuff on the Internet. This disrupts my thinking process or my work. Although I love being connected to my friends and family members over Whatsapp and other social networks, I don't want it to be a habit where I check my phone even if there are no new notifications. Tip: Stay Focused with this little Google Chrome Extension So here's my plan to Disconnect and be more Productive: Use Whatsapp sparingly. No forwarding of that joke that you found funny or no unnecessary chit-chat

My Idea of Happiness

The feeling of being happy always elates us. Happiness is always subjective and personal. All of us have different ways to define Happiness. Here's my list of things that make me happy. Reading a book. Meeting friends and loved ones. Sitting alone on a beach with no one around. Teaching something to a small kid. Writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. Blogging. Listening to Ghazals. Music. Playing with a kid. Playing synthesizer. Swimming. Playing Badminton. Helping someone. Disconnect from my mobile/internet and connect with myself. Travel.

GJ16 -> GH2 -> GJ18 -> (Shuttling between GJ16 -> GJ6)

So finally I joined the new institute on 25th March, 2015. New institute, new faces, new tasks, new rules. As the post title says, I moved from Bharuch (GJ16) to Mahesana (GJ2) to Gandhinagar (GJ18) and now I am shuttling between Bharuch to Vadodara (GJ6). Will be shifting to GJ6 as commuting on daily basis from Bharuch to Vadodara is not my cup of tea. While I am settling down at this institute, the memories of Gandhinagar still occupy my mind. Also, my mind constantly compares the two institutes. On another note, I should start reading and writing on a regular basis which has been neglected due to something or the other for past few months.

My View on My Choice

Instead of debating on Deepika Padukone's new video - "My Choice", why men and women can't come together and say "Our Choice". We should respect each other rather than blaming. This is not the way we can achieve women empowerment. You guys are misguiding other women by your silly choices and opinions. For those, who haven't watched the video yet :

My Message to My Dear Students

My Dear Students, It was a pleasant opportunity for me to work at Bapu GKV and I am really grateful to you - My Dear Students. You are the reason that we teachers exist. You teach us a lot more than what we teach you in the classrooms. However, before parting off, I would still like to give a few messages to you from whatever I have gained in my life - either through reading or my personal experiences. As Chetan Bhagat says, “The world's most funniest and easiest thing is to give an advice...” But still, I would like that you should remember the below mentioned points through out your life. Always believe in God - the supreme power and thank Him for whatever He has given to you. Respect your parents, elders and teachers . No matter how harsh they are on your face, they are your well wishers. Love your country. Try to do something for your mother land. Read books . A lot. They'll enrich your life with good thoughts, which in turn will make you a bet

1st Marriage Anniversary

Dear Kiran, So finally we have completed 1 year of our marriage. I consider myself lucky to have you as my life partner. Thanks for bearing up with me ;-) .Thanks for tolerating my moods. Thanks for taking care of each and every thing related to me. Thanks for taking care of my family members. Finally a big thank you for today's cake and the decoration. Luckily on our first anniversary, mummy is with us and pappa is also on his way to Gandhinagar.

Updates - 6

Finally moved to new house.  Cable connection for TV is yet pending. So no news for me and no serials for Kiran. LPG connection is in queue. In the meantime, we are using Mahesh's LPG cylinder and stove. Shifting house is pretty daunting task.  Learned to assemble a bed. ;-) Thanks to mummy, Maamisaheb , Kiran and Pradip for coming here and help us in shifting.

SVMIT Alumni Meet 2K15

Attended Alumni Meet of SVMIT (Shri S'ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, Bharuch) yesterday. It was the first alumni meet organized by SVMIT. SVMIT will always have a special place in my heart, forever. The institute and its faculty members has given me a lot. SVMIT was the place where I made great friends. A place that provided its students lot more than asked for. A place that builds up confidence in you to tackle any problems that you might face in life. After completing my engineering, I joined the institute as Adhoc Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. It was the second time that I fell in love with the institute. Had great time yesterday meeting all the professors and friends.

Updates - 5

Watched the movie 'Tevar'. 'Tevar' failed to show its tevar. Pretty long movie - Tired. Predictable plot. Simply outdated. Acting of Manoj Bajpayee might keep you somewhat engrossed.  House Hunting : Need to change the current house we live in. House hunting is pretty difficult job.  Many roads blocked due to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit - 2015, leading to traffic. 

Happy New Year

A very happy new year to all blog readers. Started this new year with exercise in the morning. Felt great. Although got tired easily. Then in the evening, after coming from college, I and Kiran went for a brisk walk to the Gayatri Temple in Sector 1. The atmosphere was serene and pious. And then we went to the Mahadev Temple nearby. Attended the aarti and calmed our senses. While returning from the temple, it started to drizzle, making the atmosphere more cooler. In all, it was a great start to this new year. Hope it continues to get better and better with every day.