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SVMIT Alumni Meet 2K15

Attended Alumni Meet of SVMIT (Shri S'ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, Bharuch) yesterday. It was the first alumni meet organized by SVMIT. SVMIT will always have a special place in my heart, forever. The institute and its faculty members has given me a lot. SVMIT was the place where I made great friends. A place that provided its students lot more than asked for. A place that builds up confidence in you to tackle any problems that you might face in life. After completing my engineering, I joined the institute as Adhoc Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. It was the second time that I fell in love with the institute. Had great time yesterday meeting all the professors and friends.

Updates - 5

Watched the movie 'Tevar'. 'Tevar' failed to show its tevar. Pretty long movie - Tired. Predictable plot. Simply outdated. Acting of Manoj Bajpayee might keep you somewhat engrossed.  House Hunting : Need to change the current house we live in. House hunting is pretty difficult job.  Many roads blocked due to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit - 2015, leading to traffic. 

Happy New Year

A very happy new year to all blog readers. Started this new year with exercise in the morning. Felt great. Although got tired easily. Then in the evening, after coming from college, I and Kiran went for a brisk walk to the Gayatri Temple in Sector 1. The atmosphere was serene and pious. And then we went to the Mahadev Temple nearby. Attended the aarti and calmed our senses. While returning from the temple, it started to drizzle, making the atmosphere more cooler. In all, it was a great start to this new year. Hope it continues to get better and better with every day.