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GJ16 -> GH2 -> GJ18 -> (Shuttling between GJ16 -> GJ6)

So finally I joined the new institute on 25th March, 2015. New institute, new faces, new tasks, new rules. As the post title says, I moved from Bharuch (GJ16) to Mahesana (GJ2) to Gandhinagar (GJ18) and now I am shuttling between Bharuch to Vadodara (GJ6). Will be shifting to GJ6 as commuting on daily basis from Bharuch to Vadodara is not my cup of tea. While I am settling down at this institute, the memories of Gandhinagar still occupy my mind. Also, my mind constantly compares the two institutes. On another note, I should start reading and writing on a regular basis which has been neglected due to something or the other for past few months.

My View on My Choice

Instead of debating on Deepika Padukone's new video - "My Choice", why men and women can't come together and say "Our Choice". We should respect each other rather than blaming. This is not the way we can achieve women empowerment. You guys are misguiding other women by your silly choices and opinions. For those, who haven't watched the video yet :