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Important Events of 2015

1.    The year started by shifting home in Gandhingar as my landlord needed to shift downstairs and renovate the upper floor. 2.    After visiting many houses finally settled down in a pretty good house just a few meters away from where we were staying. 3.    Loved the new house and the neighborhood. It was a pleasant stay. 4.    However, we could not enjoy much over there as I decided to change college and shifted to a college in Vadodara. 5.    Students gave a grand farewell. 6.    Left Gandhinagar on 23rd March, 2015. 7.    Stayed in Vadodara college for about 3 months. Shuttled between Vadodara and Bharuch after staying for some time in Vadodara initially. 8.    Change college again and came back to my Alma-mater in Bharuch. 9.    Visited my Kutch and enjoyed a lot. 10.   Abhijit became Dad on 23 December, 2015. As the year passes by and we move onto a new year, we need to reflect on the things that we did wrong. But this exercise seems to be meaningless unless and until we find a