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Weather is Too Hot to Handle

The weather this year has been terribly hot. Reached 49 degrees C here in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Luckily the office is having AC so I get solace during the peak hours, but during night it gets too hot to sleep. To get some relief, I purchased a water cooler from Ahmedabad yesterday. I hope the rain Gods arrive early.

Ahmedabad Air Show and Ahmedabad National Book Fair 2016

Thrilling Air Show at Sabarmati Riverfront - between Nehru Bridge and Gandhi Bridge. The last Air Show I had seen was in GNFC Township in 2007-2008. Reached Ahmedabad too early - around 2 pm. And atmosphere was scorching hot. First we went to National Handloom at Ranip. And then as we had read in newspaper that the time for Air Show is 4 pm, we reached there around 3:45 pm. But then we found that the timing for Air Show is 5:30 pm. Distressed and tired of the heat, we went to McDonald's on Ashram Road. But once the show started, it was worth all the waiting. From there we went to Ahmedabad National Book Fair 2016. This time it is behind NID, Paldi - on Sabarmati Riverfront. Although tired, we felt relief from heat as the book fair is air-conditioned/air-cooled. Too much rush as it was Sunday. We just glanced through the many stalls and decided to visit once again (it is till 7th May, 2016) for purchasing any books. I bought a DVD of lecture of Jay Vasavada on the topic &qu