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10 Things To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

I'd been for a doctor's consultation in Ahmedabad today. While I was going to Ahmedabad, it wasn't raining. While returning back to Gandhinagar, it started raining. It was pitch dark and the visibility was less due to the heavy downpour. And then a bad idea came to my mind. What if my vehicle breaks down at this moment ? So I got my topic for 10 ideas . Here are 10 things to do when your vehicle breaks down: Enjoy the rain and forget about going home. Park your vehicle at some safe place and ask for a lift/free ride. Call a taxi. Call a friend. Walk up to your home. Stay at the same place the whole night and observe the nature and the surroundings. A bad idea but it would definitely be an adventure. ;-) Try to repair the vehicle.  Call a mechanic. Stop a truck and carry it to your place. Leave your vehicle and buy a new one. Very bad idea ;-)

10 Things I Would Love To Do To Improve My Physical Stamina

Here's another list of 10 ideas . Things I'd love to do to improve my physical stamina and in turn, be in good shape. Running - with a target of up to 5 kilometers. Pranayam - start with Anulom-Vilom and then Bhastrika. This would also help me in clearing my nose. Start with 10 complete cycles of Anulom-Vilom and increase it to 20. Yog - start with a few basic that I'd learned during a Yog-Shibir long time back. Stretching exercies - I learned when I was playing Badminton. Surya Namaskar - In case, I've less time for any other exercise, I'd love to do this at least. Cycling - Luckily Gandhinagar is having cycle stores at regular intervals. Swimming - During summers. I loved during my school days. However, I could not continue it later on. Badminton - A game I love to play Table Tennis Brisk Walking

10 Blog Posts I Would Like To Write

Here's a list of 10 blog posts that I would like to write: About James Altucher and his 10 Ideas a Day Practice . (After all, this blog post itself is generated from his 10 Ideas thing) People whom I admire and from whom I've learned.  Why I've started to hate my cellphone and the social network apps. Changes I would like to bring in my life. About my fears. 10 books I've loved till date. Books I would like to write. Different career aspirations I'd since my childhood. My affinity towards Pens and list of Pens I've used. Why I dislike weight-lifting and why I like Yog and Pranayam. 

How To Be Productive

I like to read blogs on productivity and minimalism. These two words have caught my fancy since many months. I came across a piece written by Charles Assisi . I've been reading him ever since he was the editor at Chip (India). We all strive to achieve many things in life and still we always feel short of it. We create To Do Lists, create time table and yet we fail. Fail to do what we really want to do. Our lives are so jam-packed that we fail to recognize how time flies. We fail to make use of all the time we have at our disposal in an optimum way. Charles finds the answers to the above questions from an online course on productivity by Farnam Street Blog . Shane Parish, who conducts the course asks a few questions: "Why do you want to be more productive? What is your intent? What do you want to do with more time?" And the answer to above questions as per Parish is: We fail because we don't know what to do with the extra time. Also there's the Pa

Most Viewed Writer On Quora For Internet Addiction

With just a span of few months and with just 3 answers, I'm one of the Most Viewed Writer on Quora for Internet Addiction. Here's a snapshot: Link of my quora answers for Internet Addiction.