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Updates - 11

As per last update , completed reading Raavan by Amish and enjoyed it. At the same time, was amazed to know that how even a cruel and shrewd person like Raavan had feelings for a lady whom he loved throughout his life. Also, his love for books (knowledge) and music was impeccable. I even liked the innocence and straightforwardness of Kumbhkarna and his love for dharma. However, there were times when he could not follow the path of righteousness due to coercion by his elder brother Raavan. Although many of the things might be fictional in the book, it was a good read. Would love to read the fourth book of the Ram Chandra series once it is released. People here in Bangalore are more possessive about their pets (dogs in general). As if they are like their kids. Just a few days ago, when we were having a stroll, Rivanshi stopped to say "hi" to a doggy (as she calls them) . And the lady told the dog's name proudly, as if it was her kid. And we didn't ask the dogs name

Updates - 10

So writing this post after a long time. Some of the updates could be found on my Gujarati Blog . We all are still struggling to combat and contain the spread of Corona virus. Luckily, the spread in Bangalore is much less as compared to Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It seems my weight has increased considering that we all remain indoors during weekends and all other activities have taken a backseat due to the lock-down by the government. However, for us working in banks, we don't have much WFH facility.  Reading has been somewhat consistent, but still not as desired. Currently reading Amish's "Raavan". Prior to that I read Gabriel García Márquez's "Love in the Time of Cholera" and Gujarati books " Mahotu "   by Ram Mori and " Sogandnaamu " by Khalil Dhantejvi. It doesn't feel much like Summer here in Bangalore. And even if it feels hot on someday, by evening it'd rain. Will have to purchase new sports shoes. Had haircut after