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Updates - 12

This pandemic is now increasing its reach and bounds. Until lockdown, the numbers were very few here in Bangalore as compared to other cities. But, since unlock 1, the numbers are increasing and the picture is getting scary.  The atmosphere is cool. Thanks to rain. Still reading Krishnayan. Wish to complete by this weekend.  Have ordered Dhruv Bhatt's ' Na iti' after reading his ' Akoopar' sometime back. Initially I was apprehensive about Rivanshi staying whole day at home and that too for so many days. But my apprehensions were turned into surprise. Now it seems she's comfortable staying home and keeps herself busy. Thanks to Kiran as well for keeping her busy. We were thinking of sending her to play school this year, but now we have dropped the idea. As such, schools are yet to be opened - at least for more 1-2 months. Have started learning new technical stuff and most importantly revising the old stuff. And yes, have not been exercising since many